Movements of Prana

Om Prana Swaha
Om Samana Swaha
Om Vyana Swaha
Om Apana Swaha
Om Udana Swaha

Embodying the Flow

Prana : life is energy and breath, inhale fully
Vinyasa : life is cycles of waves, learn to surf
Yoga : life is a unified field, relax into oneness
Parinama : life is change, be open
Spanda : life is vibrating consciousness, awaken
Shakti : life is creative energy, celebrate your essence
Unmesa : life contracts, have no fear
Nimesa : life expands, transform limitations
Tala : life is rhythm, find your pulse
Prasara : life is flow, ride the wave
Rasa : Life is full of juice, savor each moment
Prema : Life is infinite love, burst the dam swim
Sukha : Life is inherent happiness, embody joy without external needs
Sangha : life is community, participate fully
Mandala : life is wholeness, be and see 360 degrees
Bindu : life returns and emerges from the conscious seed, bow to the source
Nataraj : life is an eternal dance, om namah shivaya

Quis partilhar convosco este bonito texto do site da Shiva Rea http://shivarea.com/prana-flow-invocations
Passar do texto à prática é o desafio da nossa vida! Desfrutem:)

Om Namah Shivaham

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